Itrust Interactive Servcies

Security Monitoring


iTrust Contracts w/ Avant Guard Monitoring for

– Physical Signal Signal Verification

– Panic Button Receipt and Action

– Authorities Dispatch

This service integrates with your Security System and the platform

We support AG Chat! Roughly 60 percent of people don’t answer the phone when they receive a call. But with AG Chat you can talk on a secure platform without answering the phone. It is a tool to help confirm or disregard a alarm. A link is sent out to you to join a secure chat group with all members on your contact list once a signal is received. 

The Monitoring Station Integration Service Includes:

 – Crash & Smash

 – Two-Way Voice

 – Visual Verification

 – Panel Panic Buttons for Fire or Police

 – Sensor Walk Test by Tech 

 – Account information updates

 – Emergency contacts

 – System On/Off test

 – Zone sync

 – Device sync

 – Smart Signal

 – Cancel / Verify