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Home Theaters

Home theaters provide a dedicated space to enhance your viewing experience. Whether you’re watching sporting events, Netflix or introducing your kids to the magical world the latest Disney animated movies, a home theater room will allow you to get the very best experience. Projector are a key component to a quality image, but screens just as important for producing a high quality visual experience. Even though you “watch” a movie, sound is what makes the experience really stand out. 

iTrust is an Authorized dealer of high quality projector manufactures including Sony, JVC, Epson and BenQ.  


We are also an Authorized dealer for Stewart Film Screens which is one of the top manufactures of high quality projection screens world wide.  With the growth in in wall speaker installation, acoustically transparent screens are in demand more than ever and Stewart Film Screens XXXX. . iTrust also offers Screen Innovation and Dragonefly screens in our line-up.

As for sound options our home theater receiver line up include Marantz, Anthem, Yamaha Revievers Capable of Dobly Atmos 11.2.2 

Our top home theater speaker s include Paradigm, Triad, and KEF.  Wether your are using one or two sub woofer in your set up and configuration ….


Options include:

Projection Screen TVs

Smart home audio

Custom lighting


Home theaters are a great place for your friends and family to gather and enjoy life’s big moments. Here at Home Theater Solutions, we take time to educate homeowners so they make the best decision for their media needs and budget. By partnering together, we help you design the absolute perfect home theater solution for your space.